frequently asked quesions

+ What documents do I need to for an installation?
You need to present any valid Identification card (passport, social security or drivers license) and proof of address (current Utility Bill or bank statement)

+ How long does an installation take?
Cable Installations are normally performed within 24 hours after the request was made (installation time may vary depending on area). To make an installation request please visit a CTN office.
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+ When does disconnection start?
Disconnections commence on the teenth of each month.

+ When are payments due?
Payments are due by the End of each month.

+ If I miss my payment date, are there any other charges?
No, we do not have a late fee. A reconnection fee of $25.00 will be charged if you are disconnected.

+ How to make online payments?
Go to payment center and choose your bank, then proceed to log in to your online banking bill pay.
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+ What to do if I want to change the name of my existing account?
Names can only be changed or transferred to immediate family members. You will need to present a valid ID (social security card or passport) to your local CTN office and fill out the necessary documents.
+ What procedures do I need to follow if I want to relocate home address?
Transferring your existing cable account needs to be requested personally at a CTN office. A valid and current ID (social security card or passport) needs to be presented along with a utility bill showing new address.

+ Are there any fees for transferring service from one location to a new location?
Yes, the transfer fee depends on your new address or area. Please fill out a service request online form to receive further information (link to ticket center).
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+ What are the procedures for reconnection?
To reconnect an inactive account you will need to visit a CTN office and present a valid and current ID (social security card or passport) and request such service. There may be fees associated with the reconnection process. To find out more information please call or email to a customer service representative.
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+ What do I do if I want to relocate my television?
To relocate any television requires expertise as wires and equipment may need to be adjusted or relocated to provide quality signal and avoid interference. You can either request the service at a CTN office, by emailing us or filling out the service request form online (link to ticket center) to make an appointment.
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+ Is there any warranty period for devices?
All devices bought at any of our office locations have a limited time warranty which will be stated on your receipt. To check if your device is under warranty you can visit any of our office locations or fill out a service request online form.
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+ What is your emergency contact number?
Call 615-3036 at any time 24/7. Customer satisfaction comes first. Or chat with a customer service representative.
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+ How many devices can I install for free?
This varies on the type of installation promotion, package or contract period. For more information please call, visit, email or chat with a customer service representative.
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+ What is an upfront deposit?
This is a security deposit equaling 1 month service fee which upon termination of service, CTN will return the security deposit to you once your account has a zero balance.